Wednesday, 8 November 2017


We all know positive thoughts and positive-being gives great success in life. We come across moments where we feel low. Do we really approach it with this spirit of positivity ? The answer is NO. That's because we are entangled in an infinite negative thought loop.

“Work *on* your mind, not just *in* your mind.”

I adore the above words. We always work with our minds but do we really work on it? Well, working on it means realization and analysis. Have you ever analysed your brain as a passive observer ? Trust me , it open up to a new beginning. The first step towards mastering your mind is simply being aware of it: checking if your mind state is appropriate and notice the changes. 

Once you have observed your mind, the next step is reframing. Consciously reshaping your thoughts can actively reshape the world around you. One of the great reframes of all times comes from Thomas Edison, and it is still used to reframe the idea of failure. When it was pointed out that it took 1000 attempts to successfully get the electric bulb to work, a reporter asked him how he felt about the 1000 failures. Edison replied, " We did not fail, we found 1000 ways that did not work". Reframing involves changing what a situation means. It helps us to accelerate the performance of our mental simulations by specifically thinking through how to overcome difficulties: not just "thinking positive" but also "working through the negative". 

An example of the general vs reframed thoughts:
Image result for reframing

The energy of our mind is diffused over many different thoughts, fears and memories.Try to focus this mental energy through a continuous process of analysis and reframing and accomplish goals that  help us move towards the big goals. 

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