Wednesday, 8 July 2015

What Creates Creativity?

Extraordinarily creative people usually do not emerge in a random way over time.  They might be driven from within an internal predilection ("nature") to express their creativity. The polymaths, Leonardo and Michelangelo were from simple origins where there was no emphasis on creativity yet their achievements in art were their legacy to the world. What forces would have helped them produce this great flowering of the human brain?

An atmosphere of intellectual freedom, ferment and excitement is a compelling factor of creativity. The spirit of renaissance  - is the spirit of breaking out of old and oppressive boundaries, doing what people have not done yet;  thinking new thoughts, finding new ways to express and experimenting with new techniques - leads to intellectual freedom.

The creativity needs a nurture of supportive environment to manifest itself.  "Nature" can be defined as an innate or inborn gift that drives an individual to creative achievement. Once this creative nature occurs, nurturing it through a variety of environmental factors will further enhance it. Many different forces have an impact on how the brain grows and develops. One of our challenges is to understand those forces more deeply, so that we may eventually use that understanding more wisely. When the gifted are nurtured the right way, we shine brilliantly.

What we perhaps can say is that Mother Nature gives creative people - the brains that are well designed for perceiving and thinking in original ways. The creativity,henceforth, gets enhanced by cognitive and personality traits such as curiosity, openness to experience, and self-confidence. These environmental factor nurtures the creative brains to develop, modify and adapt to the political and social forces surrounding it.

The foundations of creativity 

  • Need an environment of support
  • Individual abilities in various fields
  • No sense of limits being set on their abilities
  • Discovery, recognition and appreciation of their abilities by others