Tuesday, 7 August 2018


                           -SUGANTHA SARAVANAN, SUGSAR EDUTECH
When I first came across the words Mushin, Zashin and Satori I thought these were some Chinese or Japanese names. But when I learnt what they are, I really got fascinated and wanted to share about what these meant. These are the three Zen principles which we can use every single day to make our life more meaningful
1.    Mushin: Mind without mind
It is a state of mind where your mind is not fixed to any emotions or preconceptions. The idea is pretty simple but are we not reactive in most of the cases? Jumping into conclusions without a thorough understanding is dangerous and can lead us in the wrong directions. Practice to have an open mind and avoid making hasty decisions. Never attach an emotion to a problem and confront it with a clear mind.
2.    Zashin : Presence of mind
Zashin is mindfulness , paying attention to every action we take and becoming aware of the present moment and not actually judging things as good or bad. It is a simple practice of being aware of our body, mind and surroundings without much stress but with a constant vigilance. Mindfulness attention helps us to understand what we are.
3.    Satori : The Natural State
Satori is a natural state of inner peace and joy. Practicing Satori in real world is very difficult but it can be achieved by a steady inner state of mind. The best way is through meditation which helps us to get back to the natural state in any kind of environment. Meditation brings in a total harmony between the body and mind.
Let’s practice Mushin, Zashin and Satori to live our best life every single day.