Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Does your child need a tutor or brain trainer?

From kindergarten through grad school, students typically struggle because of two problems:

1. New information wasn't grasped because the child did not understand.
2. Weak cognitive skills are making it hard to grasp new information.

Tutoring works on the first problem; Brain training works on the second.The basic nature of teaching involves repetition. Tutoring is an attempt to re-teach what the child did not learn in the class. It involves repetition and memorization concepts to make the kid understand. However, brain training works on a different note. It involves training the brain cells to process the information in the right way.

Brain training focuses on improving the core abilities needed for academic success. It consists of a variety of exercises designed to improve functioning in areas such as sustaining attention, thinking before acting, visual and auditory processing, listening and reading.

But how do you know what kind of training is required for your child? When looking for help, right kind of testing in crucial. Far often a student's individual underlying skills are not identified. Testing prior to training skills and choosing the right brain trainer are vital in overcoming learning or reading struggle. The results are better academic performance almost immediately, and an enhanced ability to learn into the future.

Tutoring can benefit students in certain situations, but for those with underlying cognitive skill weaknesses, cognitive skills training is the answer. So, when you are looking to help your child's learning difficulties in school.... think brain training first.