Thursday, 6 February 2014

Mistakes are good

In this competitive world, failure has too much of pessimism attached to it. Far more people see mistakes as a sign of failure. However, the fact is that they are indeed the learning curves. We,as humans, are always in the process of  learning things. Sometimes it so happens that we might have barked up the wrong tree - that's it! There is actually nothing to be ashamed of. Rather mistakes are to be analysed, decoded and should be encoded into learning opportunities for futuristic development.
Failures and mistakes are part of a new venture.We need to take risk and try a lot of things with the knowledge that only a few will work out. It is only a matter of perception. If we convince ourselves that failures are an inevitable part of challenging, then to fail sometimes becomes a smart thing - provided that we learn from our mistakes and resolve to do things differently the next time.
So the next time you make a mistake notice them, put them into your memory bucket, reflect on them and adapt what you do next time accordingly.Make a conscious effort to remember your mistakes so as to repeat it less likely. Only then will mistakes begin to have a real value to you!

"Experience is the name we give to our mistakes" - by Oscar Wilde.