Sunday, 19 January 2014

How creative thinkers work?

Research has shown that people who are good at thinking creatively don't necessarily have high IQs. Instead there are three particular personality characteristics that seem to be more important. The first aspect is openness to experience, willingness to take risk to try new things, and lack of concern about conforming to accepted standards. The second is curiosity. Creative thinkers constantly question, inspect, seek and probe. This is partly because they are more likely to notice new things, or spot contradictions or flaws. When they notice these, they don't simple accept them - rather they try to investigate it further. Finally comes in the persistence. Creative people go further to fix up problems, unwilling to accept the conventional solution.

Now let me suggest some of the known ways to make our brain think a creative way....Brainstorming is a strategy used to encourage creativity. The idea is that by telling people to come up with any idea, you encourage them to break free from the fixed sets and make them think out of the box.Group brainstorming offers the further bonus of feedback, where divergent thinking by one person can be taken further by another. Circumstances also boost creativity. Have you ever experienced situations wherein a solution to a problem pops up when you stop thinking about the problem? This is because when we are not under pressure our mind becomes more receptive, shutting off distracting thoughts and outside perceptions. This can be enhanced through meditation and relaxation techniques. Emotional intelligence also influences in motivating creative thinking because it helps in understanding yours and other feelings or concerns which indirectly guides your thinking and actions. In today's world creative thinking is at premium, so it pays to examine the habits of people who think this way!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Mental speed - COUNTDOWN

The most general ability of all is the g factor - general intelligence that probably underlies all types of intelligence and is so important on the performance of IQ tests. Studies reveal that there is a strong relationship between the g factor and numerical-mathematical intelligence (NMI) which is the sub type that helps to manipulate numbers and understand the relationships between numbers and similar abstract concepts. This means that an NMI exercise is probably a good measure to strengthen the g factor. Lets start with a simple NMI exercise called COUNTDOWN. Countdown is an exercise in mental arithmetic, in the guise of mental subtraction. Tell your kid to simply pick up a number between 93 and 99 and subtract 7 from it repeatedly(mental subtraction) until he/she gets 0 or less. Time your kid and record how long it takes for the kid to reach 0. Make them do this atleast five times and workout the average time. Repeat this exercise with different numbers for subtraction and chart down the progress. If your child's time comes down, it strongly suggests that the g factor is sharpening and their mental speed is increasing. Though this seems to be a simple mental workout, it plays a vital role in gaining mental strength in kids.
Try out this simple NMI exercise for your kid and look out for the changes!