Sunday, 27 April 2014

Secret of unlocking creativity in kids

The simple way of unlocking the power of creativity in children is by asking them just two simple words: 'Why not? ' Used correctly this enables children to:

  • Value their creative ability
  • Practice presenting their ideas to others
  • Have confidence in their ideas.
As your child unleashes their creative thinking, they might come up with some suggestions that may be hilarious. By all means laugh with them but not at them! Otherwise we are back to square one making them have no confidence in their thoughts for improving it. So at this stage, remember to focus on what really is important: no matter how bizarre their suggestions might be. It does not matter whether your child is in junior or high school - the same thing applies.
Remember that the precise nature of their ideas is not important here - developing confidence in freely expressing their creativity is the utmost need of the hour. Getting an idea from vision to reality follows a creative pattern. By trying out new ideas combined with determination to succeed, inventions and discoveries are made.